On the private sector and refugee protection

Is the increasing role of the private sector in refugee protection 'a revolution', or a 'cop-out'? Or both? Either way, businesses are increasingly impacting state migration policies. Refugee protection advocates need to become more proactive and nuanced in their approach to the increasing private sector interest in refugees, by steering companies towards joining calls for… Continue reading On the private sector and refugee protection

On migration routes

My recent radio silence can be blamed on a new job: an exciting new opportunity to be more involved in research and advocacy on displacement in Central America. I’ve been spending my days recently learning a host of new skills: proposal writing; situation monitoring and infographic designing. The power has gone off a couple of… Continue reading On migration routes

Following international negotiations from afar

Earlier this month UNHCR released an updated draft for the Global Compact on Refugees, and formal negotiations continued in the humanitarian capital. I was pleased to read the updated draft: UNHCR have made clear that reducing the number of refugees living in protracted situations without durable solutions (Paragraph 5.4) is the overall goal of the process.… Continue reading Following international negotiations from afar

A blueprint for the Global Compact on Refugees

UNHCR has released its ‘zero-draft’ for the Global Compact on Refugees, ahead of the formal consultations happening over the next six months. While it provides a list of good practices to improve refugee protection, its proposals for improving responsibility sharing are hardly the groundbreaking system change that was the initial intention for the Compact. The draft… Continue reading A blueprint for the Global Compact on Refugees

Extreme weather

This is the first in a series of regular round-ups of articles and resources that I will be posting. I'm an avid reader of regular 'recommended reads' made by bloggers or news sites (such as IRINnews and Refugees Deeply), so I thought it would be time to establish my own compilations of some of the links… Continue reading Extreme weather